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The Masonry Industry Employers Council of Ontario (MIECO) is the designated employer bargaining agency for masonry contractors bound the provincial collective agreement with the Ontario Provincial Conference of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers in the ICI Sector of the Ontario Construction Industry.  The OMCA-BACU Bargaining Committee (OBBC) is the employer’s organization formed to facilitate bargaining with the Brick and Allied Craft Union (BACU), for the province wide collective agreement applicable to BACU bound contractors in the ICI sector of the Ontario Construction industry.

The Ontario Masonry Contractor's Association (OMCA) is a party to the Provincial Employers Bargaining Agency - Labourers' (PEBAL) for masonry contractors bound to the Provincial Collective Agreement with Labourers' International Union of North America and the Labourers' International Union of North America, Ontario Provincial District Council, specifically the Trade Appendix for Masonry Tenders.

ICI or the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sector is one of several identified in the Ontario Labour Relations Act, which governs the conduct of labour relations in the Province.  MIECO, OBBC and OMCA are each responsible for negotiating collective agreements every three (3) years on behalf of their members and dealing with issues as they arise over the course of those agreements.

Latest news

Updated Bricklayers' Wage Schedules

written by MIECO/OBBC/OMCA

Bricklayer schedules have been updated, except for Local 6 Windsor - Restoration and Local 31 working in Local 2 Granite. To download the new...Read more

New Mason Tender Rate Schedules

written by MIECO/OBBC/OMCA

Updated Mason Tender Rate Schedules are now available online. Please visit Rate SchedulesRead more

Bricklayers Bargaining Update

written by MIECO/OBBC/OMCA

Bargaining concluded with BACU/OPC Representatives and the ICI Provincial Collective Agreement was successfully ratified by the Union and Management....Read more